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What if you are so concussed that you don’t know you have a concussion?

We are finally talking about concussions in sports, but we are not delivering the right message. If an athlete receives concussion education, the primary message they are told is, “Take yourself out, as it’s better to miss a game than a season.”

But what if you are too impaired to recognize your concussion? What if your 12-year-old feels too much pressure to keep playing?

The solution was discovered in a diary more than a century old, and the Concussion Legacy Foundation is bringing this lost wisdom back to keep kids safe.

About the Speaker

Chris Nowinski

Chris Nowinski

Chris Nowinski, Ph.D., is founding CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation ( a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to solving the concussion & CTE crisis through research, advocacy, and education. He is also co-founder of the Boston University (BU) CTE Center and the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank. A former Harvard football player and WWE Superstar, he wrote Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis after post-concussion syndrome ended his career in 2003. He received his doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from Boston University School of Medicine.