Steven Hassan

Director of Freedom of Mind Resource Center, Inc.

Steven Hassan M.Ed. LMHC, NCC (pronounced HASS-en), is an expert on Undue Influence, brainwashing and unethical hypnosis and author of the best-selling book, Combating Cult Mind Control.

For over forty years, he has helped thousands of individuals and families recover from undue influence (mind control). With over 40 years of experience, he is sought after as one of the foremost authorities on undue influence, brainwashing, deprogramming and controlling groups and individuals. Steve understands the subject from a unique perspective as both a former cult member and as a clinical professional.

Steven is the Founding Director of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center, a coaching, consulting, and training organization dedicated to supporting individuals to have the freedom to think clearly and to freely consider how they want to live their lives. Steven pioneered a breakthrough method called the Strategic Interactive Approach (SIA), an effective and legal intervention alternative for families to help cult members. The SIA teaches family and friends how to strategically influence the individual involved in the cult.

He is the author of Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best Selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults (1988, 1990, 2015), Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves (2000) and Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults & Beliefs (2012, 2013).  He is also the co-developer of Ending the Game, a non-coercive curriculum designed to educate and empower sex trafficking victims to leave pimps and traffickers. Steven provides training workshops and seminars for mental health professionals, educators, and law enforcement officers worldwide, as well as for families of cult members. He writes and speaks out about the importance of viewing ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist groups as destructive cults. Steve has appeared on innumerable television and radio shows. Newspapers, magazines and other media all over the world have quoted Steve Hassan extensively.

Steven is currently pursuing a doctorate at Fielding University to do quantitative research on the factors of control that characterize undue influence. He is an active member of the Program in Psychiatry and the Law, a Harvard think tank of forensic experts. Dr. Michael Commons, research director for the program, has invited Steven to create a division Freedom from Undue Influence in order to help facilitate this research.

Since his own deprogramming from the Moon cult in 1976, Steven has appeared on innumerable television and radio shows. Newspapers, magazines and other media all over the world have sought his expertise. Steven’s work has received praise from academic luminaries such as Robert Jay Lifton, Philip Zimbardo, Robert Cialdini, Anthony Pratkanis as well as clinical experts such as Daniel Brown, Judith Herman, Mary McCarthy and others. Steven taught Psychiatry Grand Rounds at Harvard Medical School in October 2017 and has been teaching 4th-year psychiatry residents at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 17 years.