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What makes TEDxBeaconStreet Adventures unique?

The Adventures offer unparalleled, behind-the-scenes access to the people and places that make the Greater Boston area so dynamic. These experiences provide the foundation for our innovative celebration of phenomenal regional thought. By offering Adventures in the two months prior to and twelve months after the conference, TEDxBeaconStreet will allow many more people to get involved, fostering the spread of powerful thought and ignition of critical dialog. Our groundbreaking Adventures will be interactive experiences in fields ranging from social issues to technology to entertainment, from an enlightening tour of the Whitehead Institute to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the FBI to a helicopter ride over the Boston cityscape to an Architecture tour and day of creating art at Artists for Humanity. Participants will be exposed to the masterminds behind the future of technology, business, and entertainment, to name just a few.

Our Adventures, some of them led by TEDxBeaconStreet speakers, will allow for an unprecedented degree of interaction between conference attendees, fostering a spirit of community and continuity before, during, and after the main conference weekend. The Adventures which took place before the main weekend energized audience and community members in anticipation of the weekend itself, and the Adventures happening after the weekend will extend the spirit of TEDxBeaconStreet for far longer than is possible at most other TEDx conferences. TED and TEDx gatherings generate a wealth of energy around ideas that can often be lost following the conclusion of the conference, but the Adventures of TEDxBeaconStreet provide us with the means to harness that energy and extend it throughout the following year and beyond. Furthermore, it may be logistically difficult for some people to spend a whole week at TED in Long Beach or Edinburgh, just as it may be difficult for others to attend the main weekend of TEDxBeaconStreet. But with the addition of Adventures which will take place for a full year over a wide array of days and times, many more people will be able to have a TED experience.