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The TEDxBeaconStreet Leadership Team

We have assembled over 45 Curators and 80 Braintrust members. We are thrilled to be able to count so many prestigious organizations as our partners. Due to the strong relationships which the curators have developed with these organizations over time, we have been able to secure many in-kind contributions for TEDxBeaconStreet, ensuring that our conference is spectacular and yet still affordable for our audience.

The leadership of TEDxBeaconStreet is committed to a conference distinguished by unparalleled attention to great speakers and amazing Adventures, but also to a third element which will set TEDxBeaconStreet apart from all other TEDx events: audience engagement. We founded TEDxBeaconStreet not only so that we could emphasize Adventures, but also because we wanted to attend to the audience with as much care as is usually afforded only to the speakers. TEDxBeaconStreet will place a special emphasis on audience participation and interactivity, employing an intergenerational approach. The events on Saturday, November 17 were specially geared to an audience of elementary and middle school students, while Sunday’s events at Google in Cambridge were geared to an intergenerational community, including many from the tech community who are recent college graduates.