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Our vision for the Adventures model

Our goal is not just to provide Adventures for our direct participants in the Boston area: indeed, we want our model to be accessible to people around the world. To this end, during our main conference, TEDx curators from all corners of the Earth came together to discuss how to produce their own TEDx Adventures. We hosted a workshop program and brainstorming session on how to create a TEDx Adventure. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive tool kit which is accessible to TEDx curators and which will assist them as they prepare their own Adventures.

By attending TEDx Beacon Street, a diverse group of international TEDx curators acquired the skills necessary to spread the Adventure model to their own communities around the world, so that a broader group of people will be able to experience the wonder of a TED Adventure. One of our main goals at TEDxBeaconStreet is to learn from each other, and discussing the Adventure model is just one of many instances of that kind of learning. TEDxBeaconStreet will serve as a sort of test kitchen on the subject of Adventures for the benefit of the greater TEDx community.

John Werner, Executive Curator of TEDxBeaconStreet, first piloted the Adventure model during TEDxBoston, for which he was 1 of 5 Executive Curators. 500 people participated in Adventures during TEDxBoston2010, and that number increased by a factor of 10 just one year later during TEDxBoston2011. He presented on the Adventure model at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar, a conference which contained 650 TEDx curators from 97 countries.